View of Bath from Bathwick Hill.

Bath is a town in south west England and the largest city in the county of Somerset, known for its Roman-built baths. The city has around 90,000 people. Bath’s foremost industry is tourism with more than one million overnight guests and 3.8 million guests staying over the day per year. Visitors usually come to experience the culture, historical objects and as a bonus they get better health after all the walking. It’s really hard to go a day without walking at least 10 000 steps. All major parts of England’s history are represented in the city.

Bath became best known during Queen Elizabeth’s time. The queen had an illness which caused her to travel regularly to Bath to swim in the hot spring. Since she was there so often, more and more rich also began to visit Bath. Which led to the building of new buildings to maintain the rich. For example, dances and gambling were held in the evenings.

Bath is today most famous for all attractions. Bath has museums, parks, shops and other types of attractions. You can visit the Roman Baths or the American Museum and so much more. Bath has one of four bridges with shops across its full span on both sides. There is something there for everyone. 

I really enjoyed being in Bath. It is a beautiful city and I was way more impressed by Bath then London. Bath is big but not to big and it very easy to learn to find everywhere. They had really good food and it wasn’t that expensive. The buildings in Bath are from different decades. Most of them are the same color but if you look close on the details you can see that they are very different from one another. I would really like to visit Bath again. 

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