Bath 2013 – Thursday

Three days has passed since our arrival in Bath. This far, we have been to museums, ”hiking” around the city, and we even got time for work experiences!


We live in a youth hostel in Bathwick hill. Basically, Bath is surrounded by hills which makes the city core in the middle of a ”pit” and everything in the nearby area is built upon the mountains. From our hostel, it is a good walk to the city.

This is why you probably will see  a bodybuilder as your teen gets home.

So, now to the museums.  We have already been to a handful of museums, most notably is The Fashion Museum and The Roman Baths.’

The Fashion Museum is a museum that shows how fashion has changed during the history and how it got affected by historical occurrences. You could even try to dress up as a Victorian person.


The Roman Baths is a museum that exhibits how the roman people came to Bath and dug out baths from the hot springs.


The views around Bath is amazing. As you may or may not know, Bath is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list. It makes some of the old Georgian houses look absolutely stunning.

20131119_155802 (1)

Here’s a picture of the Abbey Church.

Here is a picture of Bath in the evening, when the sun almost finished setting.



20131121_170748_Richtone(HDR) (3)

(By Casper, Dim and Kalle)


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