Språk och praktikresa

St James’ Park


On our afternoon in London some of us went to St James’s park. We walked through a small part of the park and we saw so many beautiful things. I’ve never seen so many different birds in the same day and at the same place. In the park it was a lot of squirrels too, the birds and the squirrels were good friends. The lake in the park was very beautiful and all of the different plants and trees too. The park is located next to Buckingham palace.  If I go back to London some time i would like to go back to this park.

Englandsresan 2015 – dagstur till Brighton

För två år sen var jag till Eastbourne i England med min klass. Jag tänker tillbaka på den resan ganska ofta. Har nostalgi och vill tillbaka. Tänker på hur spännande och kul det var, och att vi i klassen lärde känna varandra på ett annat sätt än tidigare.

Jag kommer speciellt ihåg när vi var till Brighton på en dagsutflykt. Vi började dagen med att åka buss i ungefär 40 minuter. Bredvid mig på bussen satt en kvinna med jättesnygga naglar, och jag kunde inte låta bli att fota dem. Tyvärr hittar jag inte bilden någonstans ☹

När vi kommit fram till Brighton gick vi först till en turistbyrå och hämtade kartor. Efter det gick jag och några fler och åt på en restaurang där de serverade lunchbuffé med bl.a. pizza. Sen gick vi och ”strosade på stan” ett tag, och jag försökte ta lite artistiska bilder. Det gick väl sådär.

Efter det gick jag och två kompisar till Brighton-piren där det fanns ett litet nöjesfält med karuseller.


Vi åkte några åk, men spenderade mestadels av tiden i en spelhall där en av kompisarna försökte vinna ett Minion-gosedjur. Hon lyckades tillslut.

Vi avslutade vistelsen i Brighton med varsin milkshake, där vi träffade några andra som varit på egna äventyr under dagen. En av dem hade tappat sitt bankkort, så vi letade efter det en stund, men hittade det inte.

Det (ironiskt) roligaste under dagen var när vi skulle åka tillbaka till Eastbourne. När vi skulle hoppa på bussen visade det sig att man inte kunde ha allas biljetter i samma telefon som vi hade. Busschauffören ringde till bussföretaget, men vi blev tvungna att vänta på nästa buss, som inte gick förrän en halvtimme senare. När bussen sedan äntligen kom och vi fick åka hem var alla trötta, frusna och hungriga, men det blev ett lyckat avslut i alla fall.

Jag hade gjort vad som helst för att få uppleva englandsresan igen, och jag är jätteavundsjuk på dem som ska få åka nu i år.

//Vanessa Hedman, går andra året på gymnasiet


The Roman Baths


Half the class went to the Roman Baths and half the class went to the Fashion museum.

In the Roman Baths you learnd about how the Romans bathed, and the history of Sulis Minerva (The goddess of water).

When you start your tour at the Roman Baths the first thing you would see is the Great bath, but only trough a window for now. Then you go to your left and trough a pair of doors. Now you’re outside and looking over the Great bath. You should also see eight statues that are over a centry old.
After you have walked around the terass, you go back inside and look over the Hot spring (The biggest in the Great Britain). The Hot spring is the sorce for the warm water in the Great bath (37*C). The water in the Hot spring is 47*C, I believe, at the surfus.
Now you’ll go down the stairs to the tomb chamber. Here you have some historical stuff like a grave, a scaleton and a old Roman hairstyle for welthy ladies.
After the tomb room you go into the room with the sacrifice alter. (Almost all the sacrifices happend here, hence the name).
Now you walk along outside to the Great bath. (Your standing along side the bath).
To your left is the East bath and to the right is the West bath. The East bath was hotter than the West bath, so people believe that the ladies bathed in the East bath.
Now you will walk back inside to the end of the tour. Here you can tast and feel the water. The water has 43 different vitamins in it, so it’s suposed to be really good for you.

And that is the Roman Bath tour!

By: Elsa Enbom Sundqvist


On Saturday, November 23rd, we went to a day-trip to London. We took a train around 8.45 AM, and we arrived in London (Paddington) after 10 AM.

From Paddington, we took the tube to Piccadilly Circus. We chose Piccadilly as our gathering place. Piccadilly Circus is easy to find, partly because it’s very central, but also because the traffic between the circus and the rest of London is good. In the southwest of the circus, a statue of the Greek god Eros is erected. And now, by Christmas, the statue is made into a huge snow globe!

piccadilly 2013

After a quick meet-up, we took our separate ways. We had to be at least two people in a group, and not lose each other. Some went to the shopping whilst other went simply enjoying London or window shopping.
By shopping, we mean that some people went all-in and took the tube to Westfield in Stratford. That is the biggest shopping centre in Europe. They have around 400 shops.

So the day was filled with fun stuff! Although, some people thought London was way too populated, ”smelly” and expensive for their liking, whilst others loved every single bit about it.

We got 20 pounds to spend on an attraction; such as London Eye or Madame Tussauds. Most of the people went to the London Eye. The sight there was incredible; to see London from above in the nightfall, when all the lights are shining and traffic is slowly roaring on the streets below you – like ants with lights. Just as if the city moves on in the same “big-city-tempo”, whilst you are floating above in the air where no one can see nor hear you. That is a beautiful sight that shall never be forgotten.

London big ben

(By Casper, Lovisa, Wilma, Moa, Oscar and Marcus)

The Fashion Museum

The Fashion museum is located in the north of bath near the Circus. The Museum has an elegant atmosphere that makes you feel uncomfortable, not well dressed and you don’t want to touch anything because you might break something. ( TRUTH ) In the museum you’ll see all kinds of different dresses from the early 1800’s century to 2012. In the beginning off the museum you’ll get a phone like device witch is an audio guide,. You choose witch dress you want to hear about press the number into the device and it will be a story about the dress, who made it, when was it modern, who wore it. There was also different kinds of gloves from the early 19th century, some shoes and corsets. In The middle of the museum there was a station were you could try out some clothes from the Victorian time period. There were costumes for both women, children and men. When you were done walking around in the museum, there was another station were you could write down how to make the museum better and design your own dress. When tired of the dresses there was a gift shop on the top floor.

BY: Amalia, Benjamin, Dim and Marja.

The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum is a little museum located underneath “The Post Office”, in central Bath. The museum it’s most about the history of post.

I the beginning you get a brochure that you can follow, but if you want to you can just go around by yourself. You don’t read much on the museum, you’re learning by listening.

In the beginning of the museum it’s a little gift shop where you can buy souvenirs from the museum. The cash-desk it’s actually a very antique old desk from the first postal office ever in Bath.

The first room you’re coming to if you’re following the brochure is the “Room of Firsts”, with a collection of postal firsts.

The other things you can learn about in the museum is the history behind Ralph Allen and John Palmer, the Victorian post office, sounds of different post horns signals, how old post boxes and stamp machines looks like, the history of communications and more things about post history.

Some other and more fun things you can do is perforate your own sheet of collectable stamps and cancel your own stamps to solve a puzzle. There is another game too called “Potholes and Pitfalls” that you can play. You can also dress up as an old/present postman or Ralph Allen and John Palmer.

We think it’s a very small museum, but even though you learn a lot there. It’s a interesting and fun museum. The staff is really nice and helpful. We would like to visit them again!

 DSC_0241 DSC_0243 DSC_0246 DSC_0260 DSC_0258 DSC_0238 DSC_0250 DSC_0264

By: Martina Lundmark and Ida Hedman

Work experience

Take charge Bikes

We had our work experience at a place that sell and hire electronics bikes. Benjamin and Ulf ride bikes 20 km on the work experience day. That was a very funny day with some really beautiful thing to see. We also cleaned the bikes we have used. It was a really good day and we are very happy to do our working experience at the bike shop.


December 25th

We’ve been working at a Christmas shop called December 25th. The store itself isn’t that big, but it was full with toys and a variety of Christmas decorations. The store is located on Cheap Street and is a 4.8 km walk from our youth hostel. Since we only worked one day we didn’t do very much. We mostly unpacked and labeled different goods.


The Body Shop

We have worked at The Body Shop. We had a really good time there. On the first day we talked very mutch to the costumers’. The second day we tot to wrap thing up. The one who worked on the store were nice and kind.


The Roman baths

We’ve been working at the Roman baths. The people there were very nice, and it was a good experience working there. We got a lot of knowledge in history and English while working there. If we were to work there longer we would probably do the same thing we’ve been doing this past week, witch was talking to the staff and costumers, learning about how the Romans bathed and about their believes. Everybody that was working there were very helpful, and it seemed like they wanted us to have best time possible!


Bath Aqua Glass

We have worked at Bath Aqua Glass. The things we did on our work experience were to knot strings on the bubbles the glass blowers had made. We also tag them with little notes on the string. We have talked much with the staff and they were very nice to us.


Bath information Center

Anton: I have stand behind the desk and watched when my ‘’teacher’’ talking to tourist. The last hour I walked upstairs where Amalia was, and helped her with some questions about our Swedes.

Amalia: I worked at the information center. I worked with questions about Swedish travel media. I sat in an office with a Scottish woman she was very nice. Everyone was nice to me and it was kind of fun.


The Courtyard

I worked in a café called the courtyard where I washed dishes. My co workers was very nice and I liked working whit them.



We have worked at a shop called Bubbly. Bubbly serves bubble tea – which is a kind of ice tea with juice bubbles, origin in Taiwan.

Whilst there, we got to do a lot of things; for example, we got to walk out with free samples of tea to offices in Bath. We also got to come up with advent offers (different offers everyday in December until Christmas) and promote those. But most important – every member of the staff was lovely, we got to talk a lot, and it was the best work experience we’ve ever had!


The Postal Museum

We had our working experience at the Postal Museum. The Museum was a really nice place and we liked it very much. Peter was really ice and fun to talk too and we learned a lot. The museum was very small, but it was a lot of stuffs there. If we could, we would do it again!


Abbey church

Our work experience was at a church near the Abbey. It wasn’t a church café, but a café in a church. It was really nice and there was much more visitors then we thought. We got to dish, clean the tables, fill the sugar bowls and stuff like that. We also got free lunch and some hot chocolate. The staff was very nice, one of the girls was from Australia and one of them could talk danish.

By: Sofia and Marcus


My work experience was at a toyshop and I work for 2 hours and on the two hours we were in mostly in the coffee room and drink chocolate, and I did´t talk so much so it was a really bad work experience.


Picture from different work experiences





mmm 1912013-11-24 14.20.57mmm 182 

Sunday the 23d of November we went to Stonehenge. We got to see the stones from about 10 to 30 meters distances in different angels. We got a walkie-talkie-looking thing that we used to listen to different stories about Stonehenge. There were seven signs with numbers on, each number had a storie. Stonehenge is over 5000 years old and many of the stones have fallen. In the beginning, when Stonehenge was completely it worked as a calendar because the sun was shining on a special stone each month. It felt a little bit mysteriously to be walking around Stonehenge but it’s was really cool!

By: Sofia and Marja

Bath 2013 – Thursday

Three days has passed since our arrival in Bath. This far, we have been to museums, ”hiking” around the city, and we even got time for work experiences!


We live in a youth hostel in Bathwick hill. Basically, Bath is surrounded by hills which makes the city core in the middle of a ”pit” and everything in the nearby area is built upon the mountains. From our hostel, it is a good walk to the city.

This is why you probably will see  a bodybuilder as your teen gets home.

So, now to the museums.  We have already been to a handful of museums, most notably is The Fashion Museum and The Roman Baths.’

The Fashion Museum is a museum that shows how fashion has changed during the history and how it got affected by historical occurrences. You could even try to dress up as a Victorian person.


The Roman Baths is a museum that exhibits how the roman people came to Bath and dug out baths from the hot springs.


The views around Bath is amazing. As you may or may not know, Bath is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list. It makes some of the old Georgian houses look absolutely stunning.

20131119_155802 (1)

Here’s a picture of the Abbey Church.

Here is a picture of Bath in the evening, when the sun almost finished setting.



20131121_170748_Richtone(HDR) (3)

(By Casper, Dim and Kalle)


Work experiences presented in English

Many were interested as 8th and 9th grade from Vuollerims Friskola invited to an Open House event to talk about their trip to England and their well-conducted practice there.

It was ”full house” for the Open House day in Vuollerims Friskola Thursday the 19th of April.

Mates from the younger classes, guests from the municipal school across the street, parents and other interested people from the local area had come to know more and support the event.

Teachers and pupils had worked hard all week to get ready with all the practical.

Guests were welcomed into the ”Teaspoon Café” and afterwards they were assembling to hear and see pupils’ presentations of their experiences on their “England jobs.”

All these presentations were in English in front of a not negligible number of spectators.
It is a major achievement of pupils on this level to get their nerves under control and then simultaneously hold together the material, and even presenting it in English.

Pupils from 9th grade presenting their work placement experiences were Amanda Pettersson and Jessica Pettersson. From 8th grade it was Felipe Velasquez, Niko Sisopha, Camilla Karlström, Jessica Mellberg, Olivia Nordqvist, Elin Eriksson and Malin Skalstad.

At halftime coffee and tea was served and several kinds of cakes too.

”The Beatles” were reunited for the occasion and played the songs From me to You, I Saw Her Standing There, Yesterday and Yellow Submarine.

It was Olivia as Paul McCartney, Amanda P as George Harrisson, Camilla Karlström as John Lennon, Henrik was Ringo Star and we are grateful that Frank Gold backed us up with his guitar.

Before the last work experience presentations it was possible to visit a tourist office created for the occasion. Here it was possible to get an idea of ​​what areas we had visited in England.

It was a successful event which brought an end to this year’s travel activities, and teachers and pupils thank all attendees for their interest and support!

av Henrik Nielsen