Jane Austen Centre

We were at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath but before we went to England we saw a Jane Austen film. The name of the film is Pride and Prejudice. I went so mad at Mr Darcy because they never kissed.

But first some facts about Jane. She was an author and started to write in a young age. Jane was born 1775 the 16th December  and she died 18th of July. She lived in Steventon, Hampshire until year 1800 when they moved to Bath and Jane didn’t want to move but she had to. The 5 years she lived in Bath she almost didn’t write at all.

There are very much people that like her novels. She sold books all over the world. People like her books because her humor.

We visit the Jane Austen Centre and the first we saw was Mr Bennet outside the door. Everybody who work there had clothes that looked like there were taken from 1700-1800. After we payed we went upstairs and saw a little movie about the museum. The man that were going to lead us we went to another room and he told us about her family. She had her mom and her dad and she had seven siblings. One sister and six brothers. We went downstairs again and we saw some pictures of what they think were Jane. They were not 100 percents sure. Then he leaved us we keeped going through all the texts about her and then we came to a space and you could try some clothes. Lia and I tried some dresses and André and Sebastian had some suits and hats. I think we were very pretty.

At the and we tried to write with ink and a feather. It was easier than I thought. They had like a little thing you could play with. It was like a little bowl and a ball.

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