Natural History Museum

Dinosaur at The Natural History Museum.

The man that started the natural history museum is Richard Owen he was born 20 july 1804 in Lancaster and died 18 december 1892 in london. He was a paleontologist Owen studied in Edinburg, Paris and London. 1834 he became the conservator of the Hunters museum in London. Richard Owen was the first to name the dinosaurs 1842.  And he got one off the best science processes like the royal medal and the copley medal. He also was one of the men that controlled the Royal science academy in London.

What i learned when we were in the Natural History Museum was all the different dinosaurs that existed millions of years ago. And all the different old bones of all the old dinosaurs. I also learned that there are a lot of different species of dinosaurs.

We also saw a big skeleton of a whale in the main room where you enter the museum now i know how big a whale really is. I learned how big trees where millions of years ago they were super big 4 meters wide and 4 meters long.

The group thought the dinosaurs were the most interesting part of the Natural HIstory Museum.  Because they learned something new when they were looking at the dinosaurs they didn’t know how old dinosaurs really were for example, and how massive and big the dinosaurs really were millions of years ago. When they still were alive.  They also liked the geology with the crystals that were in the museum they thought that the crystals looked really cool because of that the crystals sparkled when the light touched the crystals. What we thought was really cool was the building itself it looked really cool with all the different colors of class and the big stairs in the middle of the building. 

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