NO 1 Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent, a famous building in Bath.

The Royal Crescent is built between 1767-1774 by John Wood the younger. The crescent is one of the most important buildings in the UK and its are one of the most significant architectural buildings in the 18th century. The royal crescent is a museum today where you can see how people lived on the 18th century. We did learn much of the difference between the rich and poor and how they lived. Henry Sandford was the first per manent to live in the royal crescent and his family lived there from 1777-1796 when he died.

We have learned a lot of how people lived and the differences between rich and poor people on the 18th century. Rich people had many things from other countries like furniture and decorations. The married slept in different rooms and that are  was because they have different things they want to do and have it in their rooms. The woman had her room for her activities and the man has his room for his activities. The poor people lived in small houses next to the big house and the servants woke up early and did go to sleep late after a long day of work in the big house.

I liked to be in the museum because that it’s a really big different between rich and poor people in the 18th century. The poor people often works to the rich and they are not getting much paid and if you are born in a poor family it’s almost impossible for them to get rich. The rich people can be poor very fast and then they needs to sell everything they own. The rich people can hire a sedan for the women when they were going to dances and the people who needs to carry them don’t get much for it. You can see that a person has much money on their clothes for the women had dresses with gold and silver details and much jewelry and the man had suites with details. Rich people could hire a painter to draw them and show that they had money for it was expensive to hire a painter.

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