The Fashion Museum

The Fashion museum is located in the north of bath near the Circus. The Museum has an elegant atmosphere that makes you feel uncomfortable, not well dressed and you don’t want to touch anything because you might break something. ( TRUTH ) In the museum you’ll see all kinds of different dresses from the early 1800’s century to 2012. In the beginning off the museum you’ll get a phone like device witch is an audio guide,. You choose witch dress you want to hear about press the number into the device and it will be a story about the dress, who made it, when was it modern, who wore it. There was also different kinds of gloves from the early 19th century, some shoes and corsets. In The middle of the museum there was a station were you could try out some clothes from the Victorian time period. There were costumes for both women, children and men. When you were done walking around in the museum, there was another station were you could write down how to make the museum better and design your own dress. When tired of the dresses there was a gift shop on the top floor.

BY: Amalia, Benjamin, Dim and Marja.

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