The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum is a little museum located underneath “The Post Office”, in central Bath. The museum it’s most about the history of post.

I the beginning you get a brochure that you can follow, but if you want to you can just go around by yourself. You don’t read much on the museum, you’re learning by listening.

In the beginning of the museum it’s a little gift shop where you can buy souvenirs from the museum. The cash-desk it’s actually a very antique old desk from the first postal office ever in Bath.

The first room you’re coming to if you’re following the brochure is the “Room of Firsts”, with a collection of postal firsts.

The other things you can learn about in the museum is the history behind Ralph Allen and John Palmer, the Victorian post office, sounds of different post horns signals, how old post boxes and stamp machines looks like, the history of communications and more things about post history.

Some other and more fun things you can do is perforate your own sheet of collectable stamps and cancel your own stamps to solve a puzzle. There is another game too called “Potholes and Pitfalls” that you can play. You can also dress up as an old/present postman or Ralph Allen and John Palmer.

We think it’s a very small museum, but even though you learn a lot there. It’s a interesting and fun museum. The staff is really nice and helpful. We would like to visit them again!

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By: Martina Lundmark and Ida Hedman

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