The Roman Baths


Half the class went to the Roman Baths and half the class went to the Fashion museum.

In the Roman Baths you learnd about how the Romans bathed, and the history of Sulis Minerva (The goddess of water).

When you start your tour at the Roman Baths the first thing you would see is the Great bath, but only trough a window for now. Then you go to your left and trough a pair of doors. Now you’re outside and looking over the Great bath. You should also see eight statues that are over a centry old.
After you have walked around the terass, you go back inside and look over the Hot spring (The biggest in the Great Britain). The Hot spring is the sorce for the warm water in the Great bath (37*C). The water in the Hot spring is 47*C, I believe, at the surfus.
Now you’ll go down the stairs to the tomb chamber. Here you have some historical stuff like a grave, a scaleton and a old Roman hairstyle for welthy ladies.
After the tomb room you go into the room with the sacrifice alter. (Almost all the sacrifices happend here, hence the name).
Now you walk along outside to the Great bath. (Your standing along side the bath).
To your left is the East bath and to the right is the West bath. The East bath was hotter than the West bath, so people believe that the ladies bathed in the East bath.
Now you will walk back inside to the end of the tour. Here you can tast and feel the water. The water has 43 different vitamins in it, so it’s suposed to be really good for you.

And that is the Roman Bath tour!

By: Elsa Enbom Sundqvist

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