Work experience

Take charge Bikes

We had our work experience at a place that sell and hire electronics bikes. Benjamin and Ulf ride bikes 20 km on the work experience day. That was a very funny day with some really beautiful thing to see. We also cleaned the bikes we have used. It was a really good day and we are very happy to do our working experience at the bike shop.


December 25th

We’ve been working at a Christmas shop called December 25th. The store itself isn’t that big, but it was full with toys and a variety of Christmas decorations. The store is located on Cheap Street and is a 4.8 km walk from our youth hostel. Since we only worked one day we didn’t do very much. We mostly unpacked and labeled different goods.


The Body Shop

We have worked at The Body Shop. We had a really good time there. On the first day we talked very mutch to the costumers’. The second day we tot to wrap thing up. The one who worked on the store were nice and kind.


The Roman baths

We’ve been working at the Roman baths. The people there were very nice, and it was a good experience working there. We got a lot of knowledge in history and English while working there. If we were to work there longer we would probably do the same thing we’ve been doing this past week, witch was talking to the staff and costumers, learning about how the Romans bathed and about their believes. Everybody that was working there were very helpful, and it seemed like they wanted us to have best time possible!


Bath Aqua Glass

We have worked at Bath Aqua Glass. The things we did on our work experience were to knot strings on the bubbles the glass blowers had made. We also tag them with little notes on the string. We have talked much with the staff and they were very nice to us.


Bath information Center

Anton: I have stand behind the desk and watched when my ‘’teacher’’ talking to tourist. The last hour I walked upstairs where Amalia was, and helped her with some questions about our Swedes.

Amalia: I worked at the information center. I worked with questions about Swedish travel media. I sat in an office with a Scottish woman she was very nice. Everyone was nice to me and it was kind of fun.


The Courtyard

I worked in a café called the courtyard where I washed dishes. My co workers was very nice and I liked working whit them.



We have worked at a shop called Bubbly. Bubbly serves bubble tea – which is a kind of ice tea with juice bubbles, origin in Taiwan.

Whilst there, we got to do a lot of things; for example, we got to walk out with free samples of tea to offices in Bath. We also got to come up with advent offers (different offers everyday in December until Christmas) and promote those. But most important – every member of the staff was lovely, we got to talk a lot, and it was the best work experience we’ve ever had!


The Postal Museum

We had our working experience at the Postal Museum. The Museum was a really nice place and we liked it very much. Peter was really ice and fun to talk too and we learned a lot. The museum was very small, but it was a lot of stuffs there. If we could, we would do it again!


Abbey church

Our work experience was at a church near the Abbey. It wasn’t a church café, but a café in a church. It was really nice and there was much more visitors then we thought. We got to dish, clean the tables, fill the sugar bowls and stuff like that. We also got free lunch and some hot chocolate. The staff was very nice, one of the girls was from Australia and one of them could talk danish.

By: Sofia and Marcus


My work experience was at a toyshop and I work for 2 hours and on the two hours we were in mostly in the coffee room and drink chocolate, and I did´t talk so much so it was a really bad work experience.


Picture from different work experiences




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