2017 Bath

Lacock Village


On Saturday we went to the old village Lacock by bus. First we went to Stonehenge and after that we went to Lacock. The village is from the 13th century and there are  lot of old houses. It is often used a location in TV and filmproductions, for example Harry Potter and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Many visitors go the the village because it feels like you go back in time. The village is owned by The National Trust and the people who live there rent the houses from The National Trust.

This house is the one that Harry Potter’s parents lived in when Voldermort came and Harry got his scar.

Bath Skyline

Bath Skyline is a foot path that goes around Bath, it is 6 miles ( 9.7 km ). It take 3 hours to walk all the way. Bath Skyline begins on Bathwick hill. Bath Skyline is a circular walk with fabulous views of Bath. It got its World heritage status in 1987.

One day we walked a part of Bath Skyline. Here are some pictures from our walk in the forest.


The Roman Baths

On Saturday we went to The Roman Bath. It is a museum that has more than one million visitors every year.
There are three hot springs, The biggest is The Holy Roman spring, the water comes from three thousand meters under the ground. The water has fourtythree minerals and the water is hot it is fourtysix degrees warm.

In the year fourtythree after christ the Romans invaded England.  They built The Baths. The Baths had two purpose, It was used as holy  well to a god and warm water to the baths.  When the romans went away the Baths fell in and was forgotten.  In the 1100s a pool was built for health and swimming.  In the 1700s it became popular to drink the water from the spring. A lot  of rich people came to Bath and a lot of new houses for example the
circle and The Royal Crescent.

They have a big exhibition where you can see old things from the  Roman Bath for example old coins parts of the old houses.  There were small models showing what the baths looked like.  I think at The Roman Bath was interesting but there was so much to  learn so it was hard to remember everything and i think that whole trip  was very funny and I have learned a lot. The group has become closer  and now we know each other very well.



Tower Bridge

The most exciting thing that I did in London was to visit Tower bridge. I had high expectations before I went to the bridge and I really enjoyed it. I went to the bridge alone and the ticket costs 6,8 pound (70 kr) and then the journey started. A really nice thing that I did in the bridge was that I made my own coin.

It was a really beautiful view over the Thames from the right footpath and it’s also was glassfloor and it was really scary to stand on it! To sum all it was really exciting and I want to go there again!

Madame Tussauds

I thought that Madame Tussauds  was the funniest museum during the hole trip. There was so much to look at and so many famous people there,  and its so cool that she has been able to do these dolls.

The best in there was the rollercaster as went araound and it was like a trip abaout how it was in London before,  and it was like a small village with waxdolls,carousels and animals.

Some of the famous people as was there is: Robert Pattinson,Emma Watson,one direction, Beyoncé and Donald Trump.


Stonehenge was built for about 5000 years ago in Wiltshire 300 years before the Egyptians build the pyramids. There’s two types of stones, the sarsens and the small stones that’s called for the “bluestones”. We are not sure how the stones came or who built Stonehenge but some people believes that Aliens have built it but there’s really no proof and some believes that more than half of the stones is missing or just have fallen over, those who built it must have been really careful of where the stones should be because it’s exactly aligned with the midsummer & midwinter solstice, and also aligned with the northerly setting and southerly rising of the moon. The people that lived thousands years ago may have buried ashes from the dead people at Stonehenge.

More than 1 million people visits Stonehenge each year.

Stonehenge hasn’t always been looking like this, for about 50 years ago people moved some of the stones so they’re laying on each others, but no one really talks about it so that’s why we believes that the stones always have been like this and no one’s touched it since 5000 years back.




Jane Austen Centre

We were at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath but before we went to England we saw a Jane Austen film. The name of the film is Pride and Prejudice. I went so mad at Mr Darcy because they never kissed.

But first some facts about Jane. She was an author and started to write in a young age. Jane was born 1775 the 16th December  and she died 18th of July. She lived in Steventon, Hampshire until year 1800 when they moved to Bath and Jane didn’t want to move but she had to. The 5 years she lived in Bath she almost didn’t write at all.

There are very much people that like her novels. She sold books all over the world. People like her books because her humor.

We visit the Jane Austen Centre and the first we saw was Mr Bennet outside the door. Everybody who work there had clothes that looked like there were taken from 1700-1800. After we payed we went upstairs and saw a little movie about the museum. The man that were going to lead us we went to another room and he told us about her family. She had her mom and her dad and she had seven siblings. One sister and six brothers. We went downstairs again and we saw some pictures of what they think were Jane. They were not 100 percents sure. Then he leaved us we keeped going through all the texts about her and then we came to a space and you could try some clothes. Lia and I tried some dresses and André and Sebastian had some suits and hats. I think we were very pretty.

At the and we tried to write with ink and a feather. It was easier than I thought. They had like a little thing you could play with. It was like a little bowl and a ball.

William Herschel Museum

William Herschel museum is about him and what he did to be famous. The museum was very hard to find because the building was built like the townhall. I liked it very much because it was something new to learn, I didn’t know that he existed and was so famous. I  liked it very much because I am interested in astronomy.  So, I learned more about it. The big telescope was very interesting because it must have been difficult to build, I can’t imagine how they did  build it without machines.

So I can say it was very interesting and a really nice place to see so I recommend it for other people who are interested in astronomy. The next class that goes have to see William Herschel Museum.



That was a nice town with nice people. I felt very comfortable there. I was nervous about speaking english but me and Maja help each other and the people understood us and were very nice to us.

It was very beautiful there and I will go back with my family.

The food was very fat so the first days I had a stomach pain but Mcdonalds and Subway have very nice food so I ate that almost every day.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is a museum that have wax dolls of famous people. It was very interesting and funny. Before we went there I thought that it was a normal museéum with old stuff but it was a whole different. The wax dolls looked so real that it was a little creepy but it was really cool to see it.

They also have a alien escape in Madame Tussauds and at the end of Madame Tussauds it was like short marvel movie that was in 3D. It wasn’t just in 3D because the chairs have some things in the back that popped out, moisture that feels like water splashed in the face and air that blowed in the back of my head.