2019 Bath

The American Museum

The american museum was opened to public on 1 July in 1961 by the four colleagues Dr. Dallas Pratt, John Judkyn, Nick Bell Knight and Ian McCallum. The four colleagues started a Transatlantic alliance because they lived in different countries and states. Already in 1956 did Dallas Pratt and John Judkyn consider to establishing a museum of America in Britain after they visited several historic houses and and ‘living history’ museums in the United states.

What I learned most about in the American museum was about The underground railroad and the slavery. I thought it was really interesting and fascinating how the loose network of people that thought that slavery was so wrong, could help so many slaves. They thought that every freed slave was a victory against slavery organised what became known as the Underground Railroad. This ran from the South through Philadelphia and New York and terminating in Canada. Escapees were led by conductors, usually at night time. Many of these were Quaker abolitionists. Some were freed slaves who risked a lot by returning to the South. The safe places were like a station and indicated by visual markers, such as a lit lantern hanging on a hitching post, quilts with particular patterns hanging on an outside line may also have been used to communicate messages. One of the former slave conductors was Harriet Tubman. She undertook about 19 railroad missions and rescued 300 slaves, including her own parents. Harriet was ruthless, she draw a gun on the very people she was helping if they exhausted or had second thoughts and said “Live north, or die here”. In the civil war she served as a spy behind Confederate lines and as a Union cook.

The group thought that the garden was the most interesting thing with the american museum and I share their opinion. The garden was very beautiful and very well maintained. With all their flowers and plants. This time we visited the museum at the fall so we didn’t have the luck to see all the flowers be in bloom. But I thought it was beautiful anyways.


We visited Stoneheng during the weekend.

Stonehenge is located in Salisbury in Britain. Salisbury is located between London and Bath. Stonehenge is now located in Salisbury but when it was built there during 3000F.K.R at that time there was no town there it was just forest and landscape.

The stones that Stonehenge is made of is 150 miles away and on the time that stonehenge was made they didn’t have a easy way to move stones that weigh tons after tons but somehow they did it and they did it very good. Scientist think that they used boats or that the stones were transporter during the ice time so the glaciers brought the stones to where stonehenge is now.

Stonehenge took 2000 years to be fully done, it took them 1500 years to create the circle with the big stones and the small stones around and everything but then it took them 500 years to take rocks on top of the other rocks that weigh tons so we don’t know how they managed to do that either but they did it somehow.


View of Bath from Bathwick Hill.

Bath is a town in south west England and the largest city in the county of Somerset, known for its Roman-built baths. The city has around 90,000 people. Bath’s foremost industry is tourism with more than one million overnight guests and 3.8 million guests staying over the day per year. Visitors usually come to experience the culture, historical objects and as a bonus they get better health after all the walking. It’s really hard to go a day without walking at least 10 000 steps. All major parts of England’s history are represented in the city.

Bath became best known during Queen Elizabeth’s time. The queen had an illness which caused her to travel regularly to Bath to swim in the hot spring. Since she was there so often, more and more rich also began to visit Bath. Which led to the building of new buildings to maintain the rich. For example, dances and gambling were held in the evenings.

Bath is today most famous for all attractions. Bath has museums, parks, shops and other types of attractions. You can visit the Roman Baths or the American Museum and so much more. Bath has one of four bridges with shops across its full span on both sides. There is something there for everyone. 

I really enjoyed being in Bath. It is a beautiful city and I was way more impressed by Bath then London. Bath is big but not to big and it very easy to learn to find everywhere. They had really good food and it wasn’t that expensive. The buildings in Bath are from different decades. Most of them are the same color but if you look close on the details you can see that they are very different from one another. I would really like to visit Bath again. 

NO 1 Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent, a famous building in Bath.

The Royal Crescent is built between 1767-1774 by John Wood the younger. The crescent is one of the most important buildings in the UK and its are one of the most significant architectural buildings in the 18th century. The royal crescent is a museum today where you can see how people lived on the 18th century. We did learn much of the difference between the rich and poor and how they lived. Henry Sandford was the first per manent to live in the royal crescent and his family lived there from 1777-1796 when he died.

We have learned a lot of how people lived and the differences between rich and poor people on the 18th century. Rich people had many things from other countries like furniture and decorations. The married slept in different rooms and that are  was because they have different things they want to do and have it in their rooms. The woman had her room for her activities and the man has his room for his activities. The poor people lived in small houses next to the big house and the servants woke up early and did go to sleep late after a long day of work in the big house.

I liked to be in the museum because that it’s a really big different between rich and poor people in the 18th century. The poor people often works to the rich and they are not getting much paid and if you are born in a poor family it’s almost impossible for them to get rich. The rich people can be poor very fast and then they needs to sell everything they own. The rich people can hire a sedan for the women when they were going to dances and the people who needs to carry them don’t get much for it. You can see that a person has much money on their clothes for the women had dresses with gold and silver details and much jewelry and the man had suites with details. Rich people could hire a painter to draw them and show that they had money for it was expensive to hire a painter.

Natural History Museum

Dinosaur at The Natural History Museum.

The man that started the natural history museum is Richard Owen he was born 20 july 1804 in Lancaster and died 18 december 1892 in london. He was a paleontologist Owen studied in Edinburg, Paris and London. 1834 he became the conservator of the Hunters museum in London. Richard Owen was the first to name the dinosaurs 1842.  And he got one off the best science processes like the royal medal and the copley medal. He also was one of the men that controlled the Royal science academy in London.

What i learned when we were in the Natural History Museum was all the different dinosaurs that existed millions of years ago. And all the different old bones of all the old dinosaurs. I also learned that there are a lot of different species of dinosaurs.

We also saw a big skeleton of a whale in the main room where you enter the museum now i know how big a whale really is. I learned how big trees where millions of years ago they were super big 4 meters wide and 4 meters long.

The group thought the dinosaurs were the most interesting part of the Natural HIstory Museum.  Because they learned something new when they were looking at the dinosaurs they didn’t know how old dinosaurs really were for example, and how massive and big the dinosaurs really were millions of years ago. When they still were alive.  They also liked the geology with the crystals that were in the museum they thought that the crystals looked really cool because of that the crystals sparkled when the light touched the crystals. What we thought was really cool was the building itself it looked really cool with all the different colors of class and the big stairs in the middle of the building. 


Pulteney Bridge i Bath, UK

Om 18 dagar så åker jag och min skola på språkresa till England. Det blir tidig morgon eftersom vi ska vara på flygplatsen 08:00. Vilket innebär att jag måste lämna mitt hus absolut senast 06.00. 

Ända sen den dagen jag började på den här skolan så har jag väntat på att få åka till England. Ännu mer exalterad blev jag när jag slutade 7:an och sommarlovet väntade. Under sommarlovet har jag haft nedräkning till Englandsresan bara var någon dag ifrån. Nu när skolan har börjat igen kan jag knapp vänta på att det ska bli den första oktober. Eftersom att det är så mycket prat om England nu också så längtar man ju inte direkt mindre. 

Under språkresan så ska vi bo i både Bath och i London. Vi ska bo i Bath i sju dagar på ett vandrarhem som heter YHA Bath. Tre dagar av våran vistelse i Bath ska bestå av prao.

Just nu under engelskalektionerna så håller vi på att skriva brev till dom ställena vi vill ha plats på. Jag själv ska söka plats på Oxfam Bookshop, Lamb & Lion, X-cellent Nail & beauty och Iced magic. 

I London ska vi bo i två nätter på YHA. Där ska vi på några gemensamma aktiviteter. En aktivitet är bestämd och det är att vi tjejer med en lärare ska gå på Victoria’s Secret. Men de andra aktiviteterna är inte bestämda än men lärarna har några aktiviteter att välja mellan.

Nu har jag en egen nedräkning och hoppas på en helt underbar språkresa.