We visited Stoneheng during the weekend.

Stonehenge is located in Salisbury in Britain. Salisbury is located between London and Bath. Stonehenge is now located in Salisbury but when it was built there during 3000F.K.R at that time there was no town there it was just forest and landscape.

The stones that Stonehenge is made of is 150 miles away and on the time that stonehenge was made they didn’t have a easy way to move stones that weigh tons after tons but somehow they did it and they did it very good. Scientist think that they used boats or that the stones were transporter during the ice time so the glaciers brought the stones to where stonehenge is now.

Stonehenge took 2000 years to be fully done, it took them 1500 years to create the circle with the big stones and the small stones around and everything but then it took them 500 years to take rocks on top of the other rocks that weigh tons so we don’t know how they managed to do that either but they did it somehow.

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